Mapping & GIS

The Willow Creek Watershed is an extremely complex association of terrain, geology, hydrology, ecosystems, and mine workings.  Extensive and high quality maps are necessary in order to understand this highly complex system, direct reclamation activities, and make well informed decisions.  The Willow Creek Reclamation Committee is committed to acquiring all relevant data, applying the data to a spatially consistent geographic information system (GIS), and being able to produce high quality map products.  The committee will map relevant surface features, map subsurface features in three dimensional format, and map data collection results.

GIS Products     

Many GIS themes that have been developed are available for download here.  Themes are provided as ArcView GIS 3.2 format shape files compressed as .zip.  The shape files are projected in the NAD27 UTM Zone 13N coordinate system.  Some shape files and image themes that have been developed are too large to provide over the internet.  Please contact us if you are interested in these files.

GIS Files Developed for Flood Control and Stream Stability Study

Many GIS themes of the Willow Creek Watershed were developed by Agro Engineering, Inc as part of the Willow Creek Watershed Flood Control and Stream Stability Study (see FLOOD CONTROL).  For additional larger themes such as watershed topography and aerial photos, contact us.


US Forest Service GIS files

Extensive GIS data for the Rio Grande Forest has been developed by the U.S. Forest Service.  GIS data for the Willow Creek Watershed area is available here.