Mineral County Fairgrounds Voluntary Cleanup

Spring 2008 - August 2008
Cost: $200,000

The Mineral County Fairgrounds Association (MCFA) began as a group hoping to bring rodeo and arena events to Creede. Members soon recognized the need for a more encompassing goal of recreation as a whole. The Upper Rio Grande Events and Recreation Complex was a vision of the MCFA board members to provide year round recreation opportunities for residents and visitors to Creede.  To fulfill this dream, 46 acres of land was donated to the MCFA. However, much of it had been negatively impacted by historic mining activity.  WCRC and the Mineral County Fairgrounds Association partnered on a Voluntary Cleanup through the USEPA‚Äôs Brownfields program.

To allow for recreation activity to occur on the site, the MCFA decided to remediate the land to residential standards under the EPA Brownfields Program.  In coordination with the WCRC, the MCFA added a twelve inch soil cap to the areas that had elevated metals and reseeded and hydro-mulched the entire area.

Due to its proximity to Willow Creek, the WCRC felt that this project was in line with their goals. WCRC assisted with initial investigations, XRF analysis, groundwater sampling, grant writing and project coordination.  The WCRC is proud to have a strong partnership with the MCFA that will foster a healthy floodplain and bolster community recreation opportunities.

Project Reports

The reports below are listed in chronological order.  The first draft VCUP was submitted following the Brownfields application, and the two WCRC Sampling and Analysis Reports document additional investigation to address issues raised by CDPHE with the VCUP. Following the additional investigations, the EPA required ABCA was produced to evaluate cleanup alternatives and proposes a new plan to cleanup the site.  The ABCA will support submittal of a revised VCUP to CDPHE.

Contact us for the following large zip file:
"Image and shapefiles for property and WCRC sampling"