The Five Mines - Gormax Mine

Gormax Mine

The mine drainage from the Gormax Mine currently flows over the top of the mine waste pile, and infiltrates through the pile.  Based upon analysis of this pile, the mine drainage probably leaches additional metal from the mine waste.  A diversion ditch a minimum of two feet in depth with minimum side slopes of 2h:1v must be constructed to divert the drainage to the north side of the mine waste pile.  In addition, the drainage from the access road has been observed to flow onto the waste pile.  To prevent this, a swale one foot in depth with 8h:1v side slopes must be constructed to divert the water to the south side of the waste pile.  The material removed to create the swale must be placed on the pile.  Any disturbed areas must be revegetated according to the:

The Gormax waste rock pile is partially vegetated.  To reduce erosion and leaching of metals from the waste pile, the outslope of the pile will be revegetated.  The outslope of the pile is at the angle of repose.  The entire outslope will be seeded, fertilized, and mulched following the above Revegetation Specifications:

Following seed and fertilizer application, the surface must be hand raked to cover the seed.  Mulch must be crimped into the waste rock by hand methods.