Organization & By-Laws


General WCRC Membership: open to anyone

WCRC Executive Council
Chairman: Kent Sasser
Vice-Chairman: Don Dustin

Headwaters Alliance Executive Director: Guinevere Nelson

Technical Advisory Committee
President: JB Alexander
Bruce Van Haveren (consulting ecologist)
Bob Kirkham (consulting geologist)
Vern Elliot (SLV Weed Coordinator)
Nicole Frederick (Colorado Dept Of Transportation)
Adam Moore (Alamosa District Forester)
Tom Malacek (US Forest Service Representative)

Cambrian Groundwater Co.
Mountain States Historical
Water Management Consultants
Agro Engineering

Long Time Volunteers:

  • JB Alexander 
  • Jim Matush 
  • Don Dustin
  • Jim Loud
  • Jan Crawford
  • JC Banks
  • Eloise Hooper


As enacted by Committee vote on June 2nd, 1999 & officially written up by Jim Mietz of the SLV RC&D.

I) Membership consists of whoever shows up and signs in at the meetings. Membership lists are  up-dated after each meeting. Minutes & agendas are sent to people who miss meetings for an undetermined time period after-which they may be taken off the list and no longer considered as members.

II) Voting is done by those in attendance and a 2/3 majority is required for items to pass. Voting is done verbally, by a show of hands, or if requested; secret ballot. Conflict of  interest abstentions are left to the individual. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) members  have, of their own accord, agreed to cast only one "EPA" vote, even though more than one EPA  member may be present at the meeting.

III) Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 1:00 PM at the Creede Town Hall. Additional meetings may be called by the Chairman.
People on the list, are notified of the event by the Coordinator.

IV) Executive Offices consists of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, & Secretary. Other offices consist of the TAC Chairman, SLV RC&D Representative, and NRCS Representative, and others that may come up from time to time.
Term lengths are four years. In case of a vacancy, this position is to be filled at the next general      meeting. If a board member misses 3 meetings in a row or is involved in a conflict of interest, a vote shall be taken to possibly remove that person from office.

V) Executive Committee is authorized to make day to day decisions but financial decisions are to be brought to the General Committee.

VI) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) consists of a Chairman and Secretary. No official rules or by-laws have been established.

VII Annual Meetings are to be scheduled once a year at a time when most members of the community can be in attendance.