1873 Brunot Treaty signed, granting the U.S. mineral rights on 4,000,000 acresof land from the Ute Indian Tribe
1889 Nicholas Creede hits silver vein, exclaims “Holy Moses!” at his discovery
1890-1893   Boom mining and the heyday of Creede, Population 15,000
1891 Moffat Synicate claims Amethyst & Last Chance Mines •Willow Creek pop. soars to 1,000 • Toll Road to Creede complete
1892 Large portion of Creede burns • Electricity comes to Creede • NelsonTunnel constructed
1893 Mineral County formed • Congress repeals Shermal Silver Act,price of silver plummits & mining drops to a few mines
1894 Amethyst, Last Chance, Park Regent and Commodore Mines are reactivated
1897 Wooster Tunnel connects to Nelson Tunnel
1899 Wooster Tunnel reaches Amethyst & Last Chance Mines •Humphreys Tunnel connects Wooster Tunnel to Park Regent Mine (totaling 11,000feet from Nelson to the end of Humphreys)
1907 Recession forces the temporary closure of mines
1912 Equity Mine is mined for ore
1917 New power plant built in Creede produces 225 kilowatts
1918 Solomon Mill ceases to process ore
1920 All mines in Creede area close except Bachelor Mine
1922 Price of silver increases to $1.00 due to the Pittman Act
1923 Pittman Act expires and mining ceases
1934 Gold Reserve Act sets gold at $35/ounce & Silver PurchaseAct passes • Most mines along Holy Moses & Amethyst veins underwentexploration & production
1936 Creede’s Business District experiences another fire
1939 Emperius Mining Company purchases all mines along Amethyst vein
1951 Outlet Mining Company reopens Phoenix Mine and extracts $500,000 in oreover the next 6 years
1965 Creede’s economy shifts from mining-based to tourism-based
1970 Bulldog Mine reopens
1985 Mining ceases in the Creede Mining District
1991 Willow Creek placed on 303 (d) list for Impaired Waters byColorado Department of Public Health and Environment • CDPHE Nonpoint SourceProgram funds Passive Mine Drainage Treatment System near Solomon Mine adit
1995 EPA conducts remedial investigation of Creede Mining District
1997 To avoid placement of the Creede Mining District on NationalPriorities List, citizens form Willow Creek Reclamation
1999 WCRC receives grant to characterize Willow Creek Watershed,resulting in 10 reports to indentify watershed restoration activities •Source control investigations begin on Commodore Mine complex
2002 Eric Twitty gathers historical information of Creede Mining District forWCRC
2003 Characterization work on Willow Creek completed &identifies sites for reclamation • Work begins on Five Mines Project
2005 West Willow Creek floods and washes out large portion of Commodore Minecomplex
2007 Colorado Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety conducts dewateringtest on Nelson Tunnel
2008 EPA places Commodore Mine complex/Nelson Tunnel on National PrioritiesList
2010 Preparations begin on Lower Willow Creek Restoration Project