Completed Projects

Mineral County Fairgrounds Voluntary Cleanup  •  Windy Gulch Project
The Five Mines Project  •  The DALC Project

This map shows where WCRC has completed reclamation work:


Mine Reclamation

The initial stages for reclamation of mine and mill sites in the watershed involved characterization of the leaching potential for waste rock and tailings piles. In 2001 and 2002, the WCRC addressed the fourteen primary waste rock and tailings piles in the watershed. The objective was to ascertain the type, degree, and extent of contamination of surface and shallow depth soils.  The next stage for reclamation involved site-specific implementation of consolidation, capping, revegetating, and/or construction of drainage structures.

Summary of this work:

Report on Characterization of Waste Rock and Tailings Piles Above Creede, Colorado

For detailed information on methodology, refer to the WCRC's:

Sampling and Analysis Plan for Site Reclamation and Surface Water, Groundwater, Biological, and Waste Rock Sampling (rev. 5/03)

and Revegetation Specifications